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Piara Waters, Western Australia

Summer 2023 - Current

Property of Plus Architecture

The project is large, grouped housing development comprises 284 dwellings with multiple communal facilty precincts on a 12.5 hectare site located within Stockland’s Wildflower estate in Piara Waters.

The 284 dwellings are detached homes located on individual sites along a private street network featuring a low-shared pedestrian/vehicle environment, street trees and street lighting, Three communal precincts comprising the clubhouse, leisure and wellness precinct, meeting and office precinct will be available for non-exclusive use by the residents as part of their lease agreement.

The masterplan for the precincts are landscape-focus, creating landscape belt around all the buildings as outdoor garden and circulation spaces, connecting all the communal buildings throughout the site. Furthermore, the idea of landscape belt extends beyond the communal precincts into the private street spines encouraging the active outdoor activities, ultimately connecting the residents with each other.

The design of the communal buildings uses passive solar design principles since the design conception, resulting in energy-efficient structure with various sustainable design elements like strategically-oriented solar panels, all-electric development, and charging facilities.

The project development approval has been granted and design development is currently progressing. The construction is planned to commence in late 2024.

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