Finding An Archetype


Being passionate about graphical art, I frequently play with hand sketches and computer graphics simultaneously. Sketching in blank paper as initial media to design, is followed by computer programs. This process of constructing a formal language from the ideas taken from site, takes the longest part of my design process. Physical model is often left out until the end of the process because it often inhibits the project to be very flexible in the design process.

Being particularly chronological and systematic in the design process, serial arrangement or sequential progression is very identifiable since my early stage of design study. The process is unlikely to be undone. Unlike some designers, it is easy to trace the linearity in my project from the interpreting stage to the final.

The process begins with reading and gathering as much information from the site as I can. Photography, sketching, and memory are the main atmosphere recording. Thus, visual aspect from the process is fundamental.


‘Reading’ the situation as being visual, usually ends in recreation of formal pattern. Visible line, distinct edges, and perceptible volume are main elements that appear to be repetitive throughout my first degree. The definition of the pattern is redefined differently for each project, but it always becomes the basic way to shape the following stages in order to construct the design based on the interpretation.

Single dimensional pattern is used to assemble the two dimensional pattern, and so on. Eliminating and choosing only the essential and useful elements is evident in each process. The evolution of the drawing itself also develops the formal imagining in mind.