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Fremantle, Western Australia

Summer 2022 - Current

Property of Plus Architecture

The Australia Hotel sits directly opposite the Fremantle Passenger Terminal as one of the first sights welcoming people across the iconic terminal bridge. Recognising the potential of this landmark location. The design provides the refurbishment aimed at creating an enhanced activation o fthe longstanding hotel.

The proposed upgrade acknowledges the Australia Hotel’s heritage character inside and out, building upon the streetscape and pedestrian experience of Parry and Beach Streets while adding premium, economy-stimulating amenities to the locality. The refurbishment of the existing hotel includes 115 hotel rooms - up from the existing 41 - a restaurant and a reception lounge. The exterior design also includes a facade restoration set to reinforce the development’s rich history and turn one of Fremantle’s earliest West-end hotels into a community-focused entry statement. The central courtyard becomes an active space to connect the existing and the new hotel.

The project development approval is ongoing.

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