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Claremont, Western Australia

Autum 2019 - Current

Property of Kerry Hill Architects

The site is currently occupied by two houses, a three-storey brick with metal roof house and double-storey limestone and metal roof house with grassed landscape area. The landform features sloping limestone cliffs with mixtures of tall trees over native plant. The proposed development seeks to replace the existing building structures and construct a three-storey buildings containing a basement carpark, five three-bedroom apartments, one four-bedroom apartment (total six apartments) and two four-bedroom townhouses.

The building form is articulated as a series of pitched roof volumes consistent with the surrounded two-storey residences of the area. Internal courtyards are integrated to provide cross ventilation and solar access deep into the plan. Layering of landscape terraces act as extensions of the native landscape on the rivers edge. The base materiality is based on the extended qualities of the limestone geology. The design utilises a unique interlocking typology to improve the balance of amenities and efficiency of the planning while maintaining privacy between each other. It looks to maximise spaces within the dwellings which respects the existing site potentials and site condition.


The project development approval has been granted and design development is currently progressing.

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