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Cottesloe, Western Australia

Spring 2015 - Summer 2016

Property of Kerry Hill Architects

Photography by Nicholas Putrasia

The brief was to design a single residence from an inter-war style duplexes, originally built in 1937. The elements of the original configuration were altered during the conversion from four flats to two dwellings in the 1980s.

The design involves altering and refurbishing the existing State Heritage listed building as well as providing additions to adjacent area. The existing building houses the more private spaces for the family, such as bedrooms, reading room and theatre. The extension comprises a private basement carpark, kitchen/living spaces, and a north-facing landscape courtyard.

One of the unique features to the extension’s facade is the operable external blinds which provide control of natural lighting and the usage of semi-external space in relation to the weather. Majority of the facade elements from the existing building were salvaged or replicated to emphasize the original building form. The internal spaces are design to have seamless continuity from the heritage building to the newer addition.

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