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01 FH2 Hackett Dr Facade - Aperture_Page
01 FH2 Hackett Dr Facade - Aperture_Page


Perth, Western Australia

Winter 2016 - Winter 2018 (Stage 1)

Winter 2018 - Current (Stage 2)

Property of Kerry Hill Architects

Photography by Nicholas Putrasia

Forrest Hall is an accommodation facility designed with the purpose of attracting and inspiring top scholars in the academic pursuits while creating a space that enhances their on-campus learning experience. The building is located within UWA complex overlooking the Swan River.

The brief was to design thirty three scholar's apartments (mixture of 1-bed and 2-bed units) with learning and resource spaces for the University of Western Australia. The design requirements subsequently developed to accommodate forty five apartments during construction stage. The ground floor public space comprises of a library and reading space, study and lounge areas, multipurpose meeting room, as well as river-facing outdoor courtyard and plaza.

The facade material was designed to make reference to the historical use of stone on UWA existing significant buildings in the campus. The apartments are designed to maximise the river view and to have minimal segregation between spaces.

Forrest Hall Stage 2 will be situated adjacent to the existing Stage 1. The project will provide different functions and density required for the functional and financial supports to Forrest Hall Stage 1 while still maintain the similar language of the built-form and materiality. The brief was to design sixty-six short-term accommodations, nine scholar's apartments, a single office floor plate, club lounge, dining, and bar spaces. The construction of Forrest Hall Stage 2 is currently progressing and estimated to be completed in 2021. Nicholas was one of the project architects in Stage one and is currently working as the project architect for Forrest Hall Stage 2 in Kerry Hill Architects.

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