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Cottesloe, Western Australia

Spring 2015 - Summer 2016

Property of Kerry Hill Architects


The existing site is occupied by two-storey mixed commercial and residential buildings. The existing building will be re-developed as five-storey building which comprises six apartments, rooftop terrace with plunge pool, retail/restaurant space on Ground Floor and basement car parking bays.

The project will form part of a larger precinct development, Special Control Area 2 on Local Planning Scheme No. 3, which recently came into effect in 2014, containing a number of projects along the Cottesloe foreshore - Cottesloe Beach Hotel, Ocean Beach Hotel and the Foreshore Centre Zone. Restaurant and retail spaces are proposed to activate the streetfront at both Marine Parade and Warnham Road. The design looks to maximise the view to the Indian Ocean while shielding the occupants from western sun and south-westerly wind with fixed and operable metal mesh screens. A hardwearing Western Australian stone is proposed to clad the building. Breezeblocks, operable windows, screens and thermal mass have been incorporated into the design to help facilitate passive heating and cooling.

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